Ingenious Opposites Vol.2 - Roman Zaslavsky plays Rachmaninov & Prokofiev

Ingenious Opposites Vol. 2 is the second HD Audio production on Blu-ray Audio Disc which is released by EuroArts. Just like the first edition, the second volume features a Lossless High Definition Audio which is made possible by using the Direct A/D (analog to digital) technique, a high quality recording technique in which direct conversion in the microphones eliminates signal loss to provide a high signal to noise ratio. The Blu-ray Disc as carrier, with a memory of 25 to 50 Gigabytes, offers a high capacity that is needed to experience the full range of the brilliant sound quality that Ingenious Opposites Vol. 2 holds.

Roman Zaslavsky presents the artistic and historic context of two composers who left their indelible mark on the development of music in the 20th Century: Sergei Rachmaninov and Sergei Prokofiev, who where very different though being contemporaries. “This second production develops the theme further and picks up the thread where the first left off. Much as Schumann and Liszt left an indelible mark on the evolution of music in Germany, these two composers had a similar impact on composition and piano school in Russia, representing two distinctly different currents.”


Rachmaninov: 3 Préludes, 3 Études-Tableaux, 2 Moments Musicaux Prokofiev: Sonatas Nos. 3&7

Roman Zaslavsky is a master of piano technique that espouses nuance without resorting to arbitrary mannerisms. He first gained recognition by taking 1st prize - the Primer Gran Premio - at the José Iturbi International Music Competition in Valencia, Spain and concert tours brought him around the globe with rave reviews after performances in Israel, Germany, Netherlands, France, Japan, Canada and Latin America.

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The release is the continuation of Ingenious Opposites Vol. 1: Roman Zaslavsky plays works of Robert Schumann and Franz Liszt .

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