The One Shot Concert

A new visual form of recording a classical concert in the 21st century

The Deutsche Symphonie-Orchester Berlin under Tugan Sokhiev plays Johannes Brahms, Symphony No 2 in D Major
from the Old Power Station Kraftwerk Rummelsburg, Berlin

A New Visual Language

We will film the concert in one long, continuous shot.
The camera, hoisted on a thirteen-meter long crane, is able to reach any position within or without the orchestra.
So we may start off by peering into the orchestra over the conductor’s shoulder, then slowly move to the violins, sliding along an instrument and approach the face of a musician. From there, we will turn to the conductor to see him from the musician’s perspective, then back to the musician, resting on his focused face for a moment, to rise high above the orchestra once more, etc. The flow of visual impressions will not be hindered by cuts and stops.

A New Sound
Dolby 5.1 Surround technology offers us undreamt-of possibilities in sound, too. Thus the camera move may be mirrored acoustically and change with every frame: When the camera is close to a flute, for example, we will hear the flute much more prominent in the film’s sound pattern.

In this production the audience will be as close to the creative process within the orchestra as possible.

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