The Bruno Monsaingeon Edition Vol. 2: Yehudi Menuhin

We are proud to present the second edition of the ultimate collection of films by outstanding filmmaker Bruno Monsaingeon, who has documented life and work of the greatest artists of our time. After Volume 1 “Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau” in 2013, this edition is devoted to the artistic heritage of one of the greatest violinists of the last century: Yehudi Menuhin, who stood on stage in his service to music and humanity for seventy-seven years. The edition contains a total of thirteen films by the French filmmaker Bruno Monsaingeon made between 1979 and 1996.

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The Bruno Monsaingeon Edition Volume 2: Yehudi Menuhin is a true gem for collectors, not only in terms of the design and content but also matching the personality of the artist portrayed, as well as of the director himself. In the edition 13 films and various bonus programs will be found, most of them published for the first time on DVD: the 3 part documentary “Menuhin returns to the USSR” (“Retour aux Sources”) and five concert programs in Leningrad and Moscow showing his triumphant appearance at the top of the Perestroika in 1987 and 1989, the third movement of the Elgar Concerto which has never been published, the big retrospective documentary film “The Violin of the Century”, and other films like “Four Seasons” and the Brahms Concerto, also the conversations in Mykonos exclusively edited for this edition, as well as an interview with Bruno Monsaingeon he gave in January 2014 in Berlin.

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