Gala from Berlin 2015

Anne-Sophie Mutter guest stars at the Berliner Philharmoniker's Gala from Berlin 2015

Anne-Sophie Mutter is one of the most accomplished violinists of our time and represents classical music on the highest level.

In 2015, she will guest star at the Berliner Philharmoniker’s annual Gala from Berlin – one of the few invitations for a soloist that you might call a knighthood of classical music, if ever there was any.

Together with Sir Simon and the orchestra, Mutter will perform works by Chabrier, Saint-Saëns, Massenet, Ravel and Poulenc.

Continuing their longstanding artistic partnership with the Berliner Philharmoniker, EuroArts Music will be responsible for the live broadcast of the concert to countries all over the world, and release the production for TV distribution and on DVD and Blu-ray.

ACTING FOR FREEDOM – The Battle of Belarus Free Theatre

A film by Friedemann Hottenbacher

Known as the last dictatorship of Europe, you wouldn’t think Belarus would be home to some of the most ground breaking and provocative theatre productions currently being produced. However, in the outskirts of Minsk, near forgotten villages, in abandoned derelict houses, that’s exactly what is happening. Going deep into the controversial and dangerous world of the Belarus Free Theatre company, we follow stories of passion, expression, risk and reward and discover how this organisation has become one of the most powerful underground movements on the planet today.
Documentary, 52 mins
Producer: Isabel Iturriagagoitia Bueno
A EuroArts production in co-production with ZDF/arte

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