Young Euro Classic

A new format for new talents

Young Euro Classic is the world’s most important platform for international young orchestra musicians in the European classical music tradition and for its development. For 17 days every summer, orchestras from all over the world perform at Berlin’s Konzerthaus on Gendarmenmarkt. The festival stands for youth culture and is already called the “Bayreuth of the younger generation” (Berliner Morgenpost).
EuroArts Music will provide video streams (at least 7 concerts) of this outstanding festival for online platforms. To avoid disturbance on stage, nearly invisible remote equipment will be used. Small cameras on tracks (also remote controlled), will create new images in perfect tune sith the new stars. Besides the streaming we offer backstage information and interviews with young talents and old stagers. We will join the artists on their way through the classical music and the capital of Germany.




Watching EuroArts

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