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La Grande Danza: Aterballetto in Milan

Carolina Mancuso costumes | Francesca Messori costumes | Constanza Maramotti costumes | Yukari Sawaki sound design | Carlo Carri set and light | OOOPStudio video
​​​​​​​Jiří Pokorny, Giuseppe Spota, Philippe Kratz

Aterballetto is the principal producing and touring dance company in Italy. They are well-known for their ability to shift their style across a wide range of musical genres, from classical to pop and jazz.

Jiří Pokorny’s Words and Space is a metaphor of an intrapersonal speech, a book full of floating stories. It is personal, intimate and very poetic.

Philippe Kratz' Phoenix is inspired by the idea of the infinite circular motion of life: Birth, growth, immobility, death and finally birth once again.

In Narcissus Giuseppe Spota takes a look at the youth of today. Are they ready to come out of their virtual frames and face the mirror of everyday life?


Music by Georg Friedrich Händel, Joby Talbot and Borderline Order

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