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“Piano for Kids” with Joseph & Anthony Paratore – Episode 4: French Children’s Music

Joseph and Anthony Paratore piano

Piano for Kids” with Joseph & Anthony Paratore is an entertaining introduction to classical music masterpieces. The most popular classical music works are recounted in a lively and exciting way. The series consists of 6 episodes in which popular works suitable for children are presented. Episode 4 is dedicated to French children's music featuring Bizet's "Jeux d'enfants" and Fauré's "Dolly Suite". The former is a composition for piano, with a loose sequence of twelve short but extremely concise genre pieces. Bizet succeeds here, in a very small space, as it were, in creating a unique and unmistakable atmosphere, miniatures of equally precise and concise vividness. The special charm of the pieces arises from the looseness and weightlessness of the musical movement, whose simple simplicity opens the gates to French esprit and Mediterranean clarté. Meanwhile, the "Dolly Suite" is a collection of sound gifts with which Fauré presented little Dolly (Hélène Bardac, the daughter of mezzo-soprano Emma Bardac) on special occasions. Childlike scenes such as the "Kitty-Valse", "Le jardin de Dolly", and "Tendresse" are musically realised.


1.    Bizet: Jeux d'enfants, Op. 22: III. La Toupie
2.    Bizet: Jeux d'enfants, Op. 22: II. La Poupée
3.    Bizet: Jeux d'enfants, Op. 22: I. Trompette e Tambour
4.    Bizet: Jeux d'enfants, Op. 22: V. Le Bal
5.    Fauré: Dolly Suite, Op. 56: I. Berceuse
6.    Fauré: Dolly Suite, Op. 56: II. Mi-a-ou
7.    Fauré: Dolly Suite, Op. 56: III. Le jardin de Dolly
8.    Fauré: Dolly Suite, Op. 56: IV. Kitty-Valse
9.    Fauré: Dolly Suite, Op. 56: V. Tendresse
10.    Fauré: Dolly Suite, Op. 56: VI. Le pas espagnol


Bizet: Jeux d'enfants, Op. 22

Fauré: Dolly Suite, Op. 56

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