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The Kuhn Foundation presents 'Khachaturian' a Peter Rosen production, Narrated by Eric Bogosian

This film is about the life of a composer creating in the darkness of a tragic era. As we will see, like most Soviet citizens, Khachaturian hid a complex private life behind a mask of Communist loyalty. Khachaturian was the President of the powerful Composer’s Union of the Soviet Union, and as a communist party functionary wielded great influence over the course of Russian music. However, he was also a comrade and personal friend to the dissident composers of the time – Shostakovich, Prokofiev, and others. This documentary shows the fine line a man had to tread between being a loyal party functionary on the one hand, and a fighter for artistic freedom on the other. Associate Producer: Zareh Tjeknavorian, Written by Bill van Horn and Solomon Volkov. Edited by Aaron Kuhn, Executive Producers: Robert Lawrence Kuhn and Dora Serviarian-Kuhn.

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Item number
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Sound format
PCM Stereo
Total running time
133 mins
Details running time
83 mins (Documentary), 50 mins (Bonus)
English, German, French, Russian, Japanese
Khachaturian: Concerto-Rhapsody for Cello and Orchestra (1963, dedicated to Rostropovich), Mstislav Rostropovich cello, Aram Khachaturian, conductor, State Orchestra of the USSR;
Documentary: Making 'Khatchaturian'
Director: Lawrence Azerrad, Producer: Dora Serviarian-Kuhn
Khachaturian: Piano Concerto - Third Movement, Dora Serviarian-Kuhn piano, Loris Tjeknavorian, conductor, The Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, ASV Sanctuary records