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Raiders of the Symphony

Beate Mordal soprano | Christina Åstrand violin | Danish National Concert Choir
Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Christian Schumann

On the occasion of the premiere of the fifth Indiana Jones film, the Danish National Symphony Orchestra pays tribute to George Lucas’ Harrison Ford’s professor of archaeology, Dr. Jones, and his hunt for the accursed treasures and criminal Nazis. John William’s fabulous music for the Indiana Jones films takes up a large portion of the concert, which also features music from a number of other films that focus on the investigation of mysterious temple ruins, dense jungle, dusty museums and sandblasted deserts.

The compass twirls over the treasure map, and the flying trip is due southwest for the symphonic hotspot. There are adventures that range from pure evil to living dead and the almost miraculous. Or perhaps it is only a hunt for a treasure with gold and jewels in musical notes and rhythms. Get ready to enjoy music from the Indiana Jones films, The Mummy, Angels and Demons, The Adventures of Tintin and Lawrence of Arabia. Music by John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Hans Zimmer, Maurice Jarre, etc.


Music from Indiana Jones & Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones & Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade, Indiana Jones & Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, The Goonies, The Mummy, Angels and Demons, Adventures of Tintin, Lawrence of Arabia, Jumanji, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, The Cradle of Life

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