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Juxtapositions: Kurtag - The Matchstick Man & Eötvös - The Seventh Door

A Film by Judit Kele

The Matchstick Man is an athmospheric profile affording a perceptive and illuminating glimpse into György Kurtag's world. A very private man who usually shies away from discussing himself and his work, Kurtag communicates his all-consuming passion for music and deep invovement in the world of sound to director Judit Kele. He is seen teaching and working with musicians - including his wife Marta, Adrienne Csengery or Claudio Abbado conducting the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Other cotributors to the program include the pianist Zoltan Kocsis, composers György Ligeti, Andras Szöllösy, Laszlo Vidovsky and Zoltan Jeney, as well as students of Kurtag. The Seventh Door draws a portrait of composer Peter Eötvös, a prominent champion and exponent of modern music. Using new footage, archival films and photos, Judit Kele provides an imaginative insight into the world of this tireless musician and complex personality whose desire is to make what is heard visible. This documentary also includes interviews with Pierre Boulez and Karlheinz Stockhausen and shows precious footage of Petre Eötvös rehearsing is opera Three Sisters.

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