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When Yojo Christen plays the piano, his eyes light up and you realise that for him there is nothing more beautiful, nothing more significant in this world. The love story between the pianist and music started early because as soon as Yojo could walk…
Total running time
71 mins
Following young pianist Leonie Karatas’ debut CD "La Vita", her second album “Suspense” is dedicated to the great composers of the Romantic period: Franz Schubert and Franz Liszt. Schubert's last piano sonata is considered to have paved the way to…
Total running time
81 mins
She is a piano legend, he has collaborated as a soloist with all leading conductors and orchestras around the world. Now Martha Argerich and Guy Braunstein come to the Pierre Boulez Saal with their first-ever duo program—an artistic encounter that…
Total running time
85 mins