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Mata Hari's secret to be revealed...

100 years ago, Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, better known under her stage name Mata Hari, the famous exotic dancer and suspected double agent was executed in Paris. However, the nature and extend of her espionage activities remain uncertain and to this day her guilt is still widely debated. 

Now, on the occasion of her 100th death day, the French archives will finally be opened and might shed some light into this mystery...

In 2016, the story of the famous femme fatale was brought to life by Ted Brandsen and the Dutch National Ballet and features Anna Tsygankova in the lead role. Music by Tarik O'Regan, which was cleverly incorporated by the Dutch Ballet Orchestra under the baton of Matthew Rowe, make this ballet a must-see for fans.   

Available on DVD, Blu-ray and for worldwide TV distribution. Find out more below!

Anna Tsygankova; Casey Herd; Jozef Varga; Artur Shesterikov; Young Gyu Choi; Wen Ting Guan; Emanouela Merdjanova; Erica Horwood; Nadia Yanowsky; Edo Wijnen; Anatole Babenko; Roman Artyushkin; Wendeline Wijkstra; Pascalle Paerel; Hannah de Klein; Wolfgang Tietze; Peter Leung; Matthew Pawlicki-Sinclair; Nicolas Rapaic; Students and pupils of Dutch National Ballet Academy
Dutch Ballet Orchestra
Matthew Rowe
The turbulent life of the Dutch spy and dancer Mata Hari is at the heart of this large-scale ballet production by Dutch National Ballet. As the exotic, mysterious Mata Hari, she became one of the most famous dancers of her day. She travelled througho…
Anna Tsygankova, Dutch National Ballet
Dutch Ballet Orchestra
Matthew Rowe
Director and award-winning choreographer Ted Brandsen has taken the turbulent life of the Dutch dancer and spy Mata Hari as his inspiration for a lavish new full-length ballet. A new score has been specially commissioned from GRAMMY® nominated compos…