Rameau: Hippolyte et Aricie

The French Baroque opera Hippolyte et Aricie carries its audience away into a realm of wonders with magnificent dance and choir scenes and the greatest possible multitude of musical forms. Philippe Rameau, a French contemporary of Bach and Handel, revolutionized the music of his time with radically novel, sometimes dissonant harmonics; extraordinarily colourful and complex orchestral movements, multifarious rhythms and dramatic intensity.
The artist Ólafur Elíasson, who created the set design for the opera Phaedra and the ballet Tree of Codes is responsible for the set & costume design. In his art, he deconstructs natural phenomena and he rethinks them with the help of color, light, reflections and motion. For Elíasson it is never about the work of art as an autonomous object, but about the interchange with the beholder.

Join us for our special screening at Avant Première 2019 in Berlin!

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