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Chucho Valdés Septet &quot | Jazz en clave&quot | Chucho Valdés (p), Michel Camilo (p), Claudio Roditi (tp), Giovanni Hidalgo (perc), Juan Pablo Torres (tb), Raul Pineda (dr), Frank Rubio (b), Roberto Vizcaino (perc), Mayra Valdés (perc) &quot | Bellita y Jazztumbata&quot | L

"Jazz en clave" is a septet especially put together by Chucho Valdés for the Jazz Open Stuttgart 1999, and features artists like Giovanni Hidalgo, Claudio Roditi and Juan Pablo Torres who together with Michel Camilo belong to the best Latin Jazz artists of the World today. When Lilia Exposito Pino, called Bellita, sings, you can tell that she is Cuban. Together with her partner Miguel Mirando Lopez they combine traditional and modern music styles of the Caribbean Island with jazz elements as well as with Brazilian ingredients like Bossa Nova.


Prog. No.
Music genre
World Music
60 mins
Lenght short
Andreas Missler-Morell
A Coproduction of SWR Stuttgart, Opus, EuroArts Music International
Production year