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Khadja Nin: Khadja Nin (voc), Nicolas Fiszman (bass/g), Jean-Pierre Taieb (g), Frank Deruyter (sax/bass), Sabine Kabongo (voc), Tanga Rema (voc), Bert Gielen (keyb), Philippe Mobers (dr/perc) Noa: Noa (voc), Gil Dor (g), Zohar Fresco (perc), Yaaki Le

Three exceptional vocal artists lead us to new ways of expression, presenting hypnotising arrangements and dreamy melodies. Born in Yemen, raised in New York and now living in Tel Aviv, singer Noa combines textual interpretations which are American with a vocal technique full of oriental influences. Bobby McFerrin, the so called hypnotist of sound has always intended to raise the interest of a young audience and delight them with jazz and classical music. Possessing a powerful and mystifying voice, vocalist Khadja Nin established her trademark by mixing completely atypical selections of European and African sounds. 30' version without Bobby McFerrin also available


Prog. No.
Music genre
World Music
57 mins
Lenght short
Andreas Missler-Morell
A Coproduction of SWR Stuttgart, Opus, EuroArts © EuroArts
Production year