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West Coast All Stars

Conte Candoli (tp), Carl Fontana (tb), Teddy Edwards (ts), Pete Jolly (p), Chuck Berghofer (b), Joe LaBarbera (dr)
This live recording is celebrating 50 years of West Coast Jazz. The West Coast Jazz movement had its origins about 50 years ago in Los Angeles. It was essentially a "cool" form of jazz played mostly by studio musicians as a break from their studio work. The West Coast All Stars are specially brought together for this West Coast Night. EuroArts presents some of the most important early pioneers of this style of jazz - including the legends Conte Candoli, Carl Fontana and Teddy Edwards. "… Altogether a very impressive experience. These guys are all real jazz pros who can turn in a masterly performance at the drop of a hat. Who said West Coast Jazz was cold and sterile? These guys can churn up enough excitement to bring any audience to its feet." Alun Morgan, jazz writer and critic


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89 mins
Lenght short
Bob Coles
EuroArts Music International, SWR © EuroArts, SWR
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