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Yehudi Menuhin - Concert Magic

Eula Beal - alto, Alfred Baller, Jakob Gimpel, Marguerite Campbell - piano
Symphony Orchestra Hollywood
Antal Dorati

In 1947 “Concert Magic” was filmed in Hollywood making it the first ever concert filmed for movie audiences. Yehudi Menuhin and other internationally renowned interpreters played classical and romantic works and created a worldwide success for the director Paul Gordon. At 32 years old, Menuhin, the featured performer was at the height of his career. Also available: The Story Behind Concert Magic (56'19): Exactly 50 years after the creation of the film, Yehudi Menuhin and Humphrey Burton view the film in front of cameras. In interviews and conversations Menuhin recalls the origin of the film. The old film moves him very much. His conversation partner Humphrey Burton (director of a number of Leonard Bernstein concerts and an expert on and biographer of Menuhin) knows exactly how to draw the most interesting details regarding the filming of the concert from his interview partner.


Prog. No.
Music genre
Orchestral Music
78 mins
Paul Gordon
Concert Films Corporation
Production year