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Wagner-Legend: Waltraud Meier „Adieu, Kundry, Adieu, Isolde“

Waltraud Meier‘s talent, perfectionism, charisma, unmatched stage presence, text studies and complete devotion to the art of singing have not only made her one of the greatest opera singers of our time, but also one of the most significant performers of the music of Richard Wagner. One could almost call her THE Wagner performer par excellence. However, she has now decided to leave those two roles behind, with which she wrote opera history: Kundry and Isolde. In the present documentary, the singer discusses very candidly, what it means for her to let go of those glamorous characters little by little.

Having performed the most challenging part of the Kundry for more than 30 years and the Isolde – one of the most difficult parts for soprano at all – for more than 20 years, Waltraud Meier has decided to bid farewell to her roles she became so famous for, thus ending a crucial part of her career. But as she put it herself: “For each loss, there will be a new gain!”


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52 mins
Annette Schreier
Screen Land Film in co-production with rbb in co-operation with arte
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