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7 Visiones del Amen

María José Barandiarán y María José de Bustos - BdBDuo, pianists
Ana María Bermúdez, Ricardo Bustamante, Gina Carrasquilla, Eduard Martínez, Eríck Pérez, Mayerlis Romero, Carolina Salinas, dancers
Compañía Del Cuerpo de Indias (El Colegio del Cuerpo)
Álvaro Restrepo & Marie France Delieuvin, choreographers

7 VISIONS OF AMEN is a masterpiece of Olivier Messiaen's musical production consisting of seven meanings of the word Amen. It is extraordinarily contemporary despite its 70 years of existence and its writing music is highlighted by four main essences: complex timbre, rhythmic and harmonic richness, deepspirituality, sound seduction - color and knowledge of nature through singing birds.
7 VISIONS OF AMEN is a dream. An adventure. A fusion of artistic expression made possible by a bold investment in talents. A great technical and human team led by Carlos Osorio's personal vision to visually enhance Olivier Messiaen's sound universe, and send it to all audiences of the world.


Olivier Messiaen: 7 Visiones del Amen


Prog. No.
Music genre
Ballet / Dance
59 mins
Carlos Osorio
Solid Brothers Films
Production year