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Sound-Treck Europe: Portugal

Mieze Katz (MIA) host | with Vasco Ribeiro Casais, Mynda Guevara, Gisela João and more

“Sound-Treck Europe: Portugal” is about a country in which the mixture of traditional and modern musical styles throws a new perspective on identity, people and country.
We accompany the singer Mieze Katz (band: MIA) on her musical exploration tour through Portugal. Mieze Katz wants to find out what role music plays for the country and its inhabitants. On her journey, the singer meets different protagonists and experiences a country between musical tradition and modernity. She talks with Gisela João about the traditional Portuguese music style Fado and why it has still a popular means of dealing with everyday stories.
The music artist Vasco Ribeiro Casais shows how he mixes the everyday background noise of Portuguese cities with instrumental sounds in his experimental music to represent the musical identity of Portugal.
The young hip hop woman Mynda Guevara uses her feminist chant to draw attention to the stories and grievances of the socially disadvantaged neighborhoods of her city and to convey the hope of her generation for change.


Prog. No.
Music genre
52 mins
Grete Liffers
EuroArts Music & NDR in collaboration with ARTE
Production year