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Classic Archive 2010: Tatiana Nikolayeva 3 -125

Tatiana Nikolayeva

Shostakovich's cycle of 24 Preludes and Fugues always held a special place in Tatiana Nikolayeva's vast repertoire. She inspired and premiered the work in Leningrad in 1952 and it was also the piece she performed when she died in concert in San Francisco in 1993. The lifelong friendship between the composer and the performer started when the 26-year-old Nikolayeva won first prize at the 1950 Bach Piano competition organized in Leipzig for the bicentennial of the German composer's death. As a member of the jury, Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975) was immensely impressed by her playing and inspired by the experience, he returned to Moscow to compose his own set of Preludes and Fugues in 1950/51. This recording of the complete cycle was made in December 1992.


Shostakovich: Preludes and Fugue 17 (Book I), Preludes and Fugue 18 (Book I), Preludes and Fugue 19 (Book I), Preludes and Fugue 20 (Book I), Preludes and Fugue 21 (Book I), Preludes and Fugue 22 (Book I) Preludes and Fugue 23 (Book I), Preludes and Fugue 24 (Book I)


Prog. No.
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Classic Archive
56 mins
Pierre-Martin Juban
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