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Seiji Ozawa

Seiji Ozawa at the Matsumoto Festival

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National Youth Philharmonic of Turkey

Young Euro Classic 2017

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In Search of Perfection - The Magic of Violin

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Martha Argerich, piano; Lydia Teuscher, soprano; Rie Miyake, soprano; Nathalie Stutzmann, alto; Kei Fukui, tenor; Jean-Paul Fouchécourt, tenor; Matthias Goerne, baritone
Saito Kinen Orchestra, OMF Chorus
Seiji Ozawa
Seiji Ozawa is not only a world-famous Japanese conductor, but also a founder and director of the Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto, home of the Saito Kinen Orchestra, which in 2015 was renamed the Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival (OMF). In this all-Beeth…
Gustavo Dudamel

It's not that people don't like classical music. It's that they don't have the chance to understand and to experience it.

Gustavo Dudamel


EuroArts Highlights

Zuzana - Music is Life

Zuzana - Music is Life

A story of love, tyranny and triumph

Zuzana: Music is Life is the dark and triumphant story told by Zuzana Ruzickova (1927 - 2017), and how she became a world-famous harpsichordist and interpreter of Bach under the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia after surviving three concentration camps during her teenage years. Zuzana’s story is remarkable not just because she returned to Czechoslovakia after the war to fulfill her childhood dream of a career in music; but also in how she navigated political and religious persecution while becoming a tour-de-force in concerts and competitions around the world. As she reveals her life of hope and fear, the little-known story of Czechoslovakia emerges, from the promise of 1930s democracy to the Nazi invasion, followed by the grinding brutality of forty years of Soviet occupation. Zuzana transcends the personal as she shares her story, in a deeply affecting look at the redemptive power of art during the Czech Republic’s turbulent 20th century.

Waldbühne 2017 | Legends of the Rhine

For their annual season end concert, the Berliner Philharmoniker take the audience on a dreamy, magically journey through the river Rhine with Schumann’s beloved 3rd Symphony Rhenish. Pieces from Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen under the baton of dynamic conductor Gustavo Dudamel complete this evening.

This program will be released on DVD & Blu-ray October 20.

Cover DVD
Mariss Jansons conducting the EUROPAKONZERT 2017

Europakonzert 2017 from Cyprus

The founding of the Berliner Philharmoniker on the first of May in 1882 is annually celebrated with a concert in an European city of cultural significance. This year’s concert takes the orchestra to one of the most mythical places in its history: Paphos, birthplace of Aphrodite.

The EUROPAKONZERT 2017 brought the Berliner Philharmoniker to one of the most mythical places in history: Paphos, birthplace of Aphrodite. Andreas Ottensamer was the…
Aterballetto is the principal producing and touring dance company in Italy. They are well-known for their ability to shift their style across a wide range of musical…
For the Easter Festival 2017 in Baden-Baden, Sir Simon Rattle and the Berliner Philharmoniker draw their inspiration from Tosca , the most brilliant of all the Pucci…

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EuroArts Showreel 2017

It was premiered at the Avant Première 2017 in Berlin - take a look at the EuroArts Showreel 2017.