The One Shot Concert

A flight through the orchestra

Classical music is sometimes confronted with the critique of only ever repeating the same Mozart and Beethoven concertos and symphonies over and over again - which begs the question: Why would we want another such concert, or another such recording?

The answer is twofold: Firstly (and of course most importantly), music by composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Brahms or Schumann (and the list goes on...) is timeless. And secondly, there have been huge changes in how we listen to and experience classical music over the years - just think of the development from a live performance via the first LPs, the CD, the mp3 all the way to Spotify, Google Play and Apple Music.

So when we decided, together with the DSO Berlin, to record a new version of Brahm's second symphony, all parties involved quickly agreed on one thing: The finished recording should offer a entirely new way of looking at and listening to a classical concert.

To achieve this, our production team scouted for a completely unique location: an old power station located at the eastern outskirts of Berlin. This setting offers an atmosphere that is industrial and run-down, but also extremely charming and breathing the image and memory of pre-war Germany.

Moreover, the technical team also put their heads together: First, they looked at the most recent developments in recording technology. Then, they acquired a new camera specifically suited for this particular production. And third, they devised and built an entirely new technical set-up, including both audio and video. Thus, they were able to film the entire production in one long shot and 4K resolution. But that just wasn't enough: They also just had to come up with a new sound design, enhancing whichever instrument the camera is focusing upon at any given moment. Thus, the structure of the score shines through the recording.

Thus, watching a classical concert becomes an entirely new experience:
You'll see more. You'll hear more.
You'll feel like you're flying through the orchestra, always being exactly where the music is happening, with no cuts or edits to interrupt your experience.

Ready for an entirely new Brahms?



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