Touching the Sound: The improbable journey of Nobuyuki Tsujii

This film reveals the power of music to provide hope to people in difficult circumstances. Redemption and hope are its themes, as well as overcoming hardship through the unique power and inspiration of music. The film depicts the life journey of the blind pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii and his... 

O Samba - a film by Georges Gachot

Martinho da Vila, Vila Isabel Samba School

Samba is more than dance and lascivious hip movements. Samba is also word, language, text, lyrics or simply said a certain way of life. The composer and singer Martinho da Vila is guiding us through today’s world of Samba and we meet with his Samba school in Rio de Janeiro, the Vila Isabel,... 


Böhm in Rehearsal and Performance

Wiener Philharmoniker
Karl Böhm

A rehearsal under the Austrian conductor Karl Böhm (1894-1981) was a prospect that prompted distinctly mixed feelings among orchestral musicians in Vienna, Berlin, Bayreuth and New York. He was an uncompromising, expert orchestral trainer and an unassailable musical authority, and his musicians... 


The Italian Character - The Story Of A Great Italian Orchestra

Orchestra di Santa Cecilia
Written and directed by Angelo Bozzolini

The Italian Character is the story of one of the most renowned orchestras in the world, enriched by archive material of the last thirty years about the great conductors who have been performing on the most famous stages in Rome. Its present Music Director, Sir Antonio Pappano, an Anglo-American... 


Gozaran - Time Passing

Directed by Frank Scheffer

In 2005, Iranian composer Nader Mashayekhi was asked to lead the Tehran Symphony Orchestra. He knew the weak position of Western classical and contemporary music in Iran would make this a difficult task. But he took on the challenge, and after having spent several years in Vienna studying,... 

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