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Rachmaninoff International Orchestra plays Swan Lake Suite & Carmen Suite

Rachmaninoff International Orchestra
Mikhail Pletnev

In August 2022, the musicians of the world-class Rachmaninoff International Orchestra (RIO) gathered in Bratislava to perform their first recording under the direction of founder and artistic director Mikhail Pletnev.  Experience the beloved tunes from "Swan Lake" and "Carmen" on Super Audio CD and digital.

Pletnev's reimagining of Swan Lake goes beyond convention, offering an elaborate arrangement of Tchaikovsky's ballet music. The result is a captivating cocktail of color and atmosphere, blending theatrical drama with aristocratic elegance in perfect harmony. Meanwhile, the Carmen Suite, artfully arranged by Rodion Shchedrin, introduces a playful twist to Bizet's timeless melodies.

For audiophiles seeking the pinnacle of sonic excellence, the Super Audio CD boasts High-Resolution Audio. Whether enjoyed on the Super Audio CD or through digital platforms, also as Dolby Atmos, these recordings transport you to a world of unparalleled musical brilliance.


Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake Suite (arranged by Mikhail Pletnev; 
Shchedrin: Carmen Suite - Ballet in one act after George Bizet (A transcription of excerpts from Bizet's opera for strings and percussion)

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PCM Stereo
Total running time
87 mins
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Disc 1: 42:49 mins; Disc 2: 45:22 mins
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