TV/License Department

The EuroArts Licensing and Sales Department is active in distributing a broad variety of programmes worldwide.
The current TV broadcast portfolio includes about 2300 titles. It not only presents our in-house productions, but also individual programmes and entire catalogues of independent producers, production companies and rights holders such as Stingray, Allegro Films, Idéale Audience, Loft, Gebr. Beetz Filmproduktion, Finkernagel & Lück, Folamour Productions / Modemay, Georges Gachot, Los Angeles Opera, Metropolitan, Museec, Rhombus Media Inc., Peter Rosen Productions Inc., San Franciso Opera, Sintonia, UNITEL and Larry Weinstein and many more.
Associating with these creative and distinct partners enables us to have a diversified selection available in the EuroArts catalogue. It ranges from orchestral productions, Gala concerts, chamber music or Jazz recordings to Opera, Dance and Ballets performances, from documentaries on classical music themes to portraits or historical documents, and from comedians performing classical music to Arthouse documentaries on the Arts and Films.
We pay especially attention to keep this variety and find new and distinguished content. We work together with the EuroArts production colleagues and our other partners to create, select and present the extensive choice you find in our TV/License Catalogue.