Tokyo Ballet: Kaguyahime (16156)

Tokyo Ballet: Kaguyahime

Mikael Karlsson: Melancholia

Lars von Trier’s film adapted for the stage by Mikael Karlsson: Melancholia

Klaus Mäkelä – Towards the flame

Klaus Mäkelä – Towards the flame

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Cayetano Soto: Peter I. Tschaikowski

Cayetano Soto: Peter I. Tschaikowski

new production

A dance story about Tchaikovsky, illuminating the long-hidden moments of his life. Through his compositions, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky influenced and shaped classical ballet like few other composers. The myth of his music remains unbroken to this day. Cayetano Soto draws an engaging portrait of a man who could not live his life the way he wanted to. In "Tchaikovsky", the view behind the glorious moments of a biography is revealed - in brokenness, courage and genius.


Gewandhaus Orchestra

Leipziger Ballett

Christoph Mathias Müller, conductor

Cayetano Soto, choreographer


Live recorded at Leipzig Opera

TV Director: Andreas Morell

Duration: 90'

Recorded in 4K/UHD

Produced by EuroArts, MDR

Progr. No.: 4727

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upcoming production -  Festspielhaus Baden-Baden: Strauss: Elektra

Festspielhaus Baden-Baden: Strauss: Elektra

upcoming production 

Richard Strauss' Elektra in a new production by director Philipp Stölzl with Kirill Petrenko and the Berliner Philharmoniker at the Easter Festival in Baden-Baden.


Richard Strauss’s Elektra was the sensation that ushered in modernity by at the same time popularizing it.  Heroes on the verge of madness, just what the audience loves! The world comes tumbling down upon us,  specifically here: the Straussian orchestra. No fewer than 111 musicians conjure up magic that carries the  singers and propels them forward: our opera performance, legendary Wagner voices Nina Stemme in the title role and Michaela Schuster as Clytemnestra, who offer up plenty of mother-daughter psychodrama. The  tempestuous duo is joined and brought down to earth by Elza van den Heever as Elektra's sister who  yearns for love.


Berliner Philharmoniker

Kirill Petrenko, conductor

Nina Stemme, Elektra - Elza van den Heever, Chrysothemis - Michaela Schuster, Klytämnestra - Johan Reuter, Orest - Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke, Aegisth


Live recording at the Festspielhaus, Baden-Baden

TV Director: Nele Münchmeyer

Duration: approx. 110'

Produced by EuroArts Music, SWR, Arte

Progr. No.: 4728