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Saint-Saens: Carnival of the Animals – Anthony and Joseph Paratore

Anthony and Joseph Paratore piano

The Carnival of the Animals (Le Carnaval des animaux) is a humorous musical suite by the French composer Camille Saint-Saëns. The work, about 25 minutes in duration, was written for private performance by two pianos and chamber ensemble; Saint-Saëns prohibited public performances of the work during his lifetime, feeling that its frivolity would damage his standing as a serious composer. The Carnival of the Animals has since become one of Saint-Saëns's best-known works. 

This "musical zoo", composed in 1886, is retold through the music of the legendary classical piano duo: Anthony and Joseph Paratore. Whether playing one piano or two, Anthony and Joseph Paratore are recognized as one of the foremost keyboard duos. The Paratore brothers' piano playing is characterised not only by a wealth of nuances but also by special precision, which gives the impression that both pianists merge into a perfect unit.


01.    Carnival of the Animals: Introduction and Royal March of the Lion
02.    Carnival of the Animals: Hens and Roosters
03.    Carnival of the Animals: Wild Donkeys - Swift Animals
04.    Carnival of the Animals: Tortoises
05.    Carnival of the Animals: The Elephant
06.    Carnival of the Animals: Kangaroos
07.    Carnival of the Animals: Aquarium
08.    Carnival of the Animals: Characters with long ears
09.    Carnival of the Animals: The Cuckoo
10.    Carnival of the Animals: Aviary
11.    Carnival of the Animals: Pianists
12.    Carnival of the Animals: Fossils
13.    Carnival of the Animals: The Swan
14.    Carnival of the Animals: Finale


Saint-Saëns: Carnival of the Animals

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