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Maurice Béjart – Leap-in-time Edition “Rite of Spring” & “Bolero”

Maurice Béjart choreographer/dancer | Duska Sifnios dancer | Maïa Plissetskaïa dancer | Germinal Casado dancer | Tania Bari dancer | Flavio Bennati dancer | Pierre Dobrievich dancer | Antonio Cano dancer | Marie-Claire Carrié dancer | Laura Proenca dancer | Janine Renguet dancer | Nicole Floris dancer | Paolo Bortoluzzi dancer

Previously unreleased material with Maurice Béjart and the Béjart Ballet Lausanne  (the former Ballet of the 20th Century)– newly digitised and restored.

Apart from "Rite of Spring", this edition features Béjart's masterpiece "Boléro", set to Maurice Ravel's most famous composition. Created in 1960, "Boléro" features a dancer on a tabletop first stepping to the tune's simplicity, surrounded by seated men, who, in turn, slowly participate in the dance, adding complexity to the building in the orchestration, culminating in a climactic union of the dancers atop the table. The same decade was to be the pinnacle of Serbian ballerina Dušanka Sifnios' career as well, for whom Maurice Béjart choreographed "Boléro". Jump forward to 1977 and become enraptured by one of the most legendary ballet dancers ever: Maïa Plissetskaïa. Among her most notable performances was a free-form dance, in a modern style, set to Ravel’s "Boléro".


Maurice Ravel: Boléro

Igor Stravinsky: Le Sacre Du Printemps

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1960, 1962, 1971, 1977