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L’Incoronatione di Poppea - The coronation of Poppea

Birgitte Christensen (Poppea), Jacek Laszczkowski (Nero), Tim Mead (Ottone), Marita Sølberg (Virtú/Drusilla), Patricia Bardon (Ottavia), Amelie Aldenheim (Amore), Ina Kringlebotn (Fortuna), Tone Kruse (Nutrice), Giovanni Battista Parodi (Seneca), Emiliano Gonzalez-Toro (Arnalta), David Fielder (Valetto), Magnus Staveland (Lucano)
Orchestra of the Norwegian National Opera
Alessandro De Marchi

This stunning new production of Monteverdi’s The Coronation of Poppea clothes the characters in modern dress and emphasizes the moral ambiguity of the original text. Challengin the usual operatic conventions, the controversial stage director Ole Anders Tandberg, a leading light of contemporary Scandinavian theatre, emphasises the immediacy of the lurid, dramatic plot. This radical approach, combined with the emotional impact of Monteverdi’s music, enables this seventeenth century masterpiece to make a direct appeal to contemporary audiences. Recorded in 2010 at the Norwegian National Opera, based on a performance directed by Ole Anders Tandberg, adapted and filmed by Anja Stabell and Stein-Roger Bull. The DVD and Blu-ray Disc are released in a special packaging.

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