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Antonio Gades - Spanish Dances from the Teatro Real

Antonio Gades choreographer | Cristina Hoyos choreographer | Juanjo Linares folk ballet teacher | Stella Arauzo | Cristina Carnero | Alberto Ferrero | Ángel Gil | Miguel Lara | Joaquín Mulero | Jairo Rodríguez | Vanesa Vento |

Four Spanish flamenco dance signature pieces choreographed by legendary Spanish flamenco dancer and choreographer Antonio Gades (1936 – 2004).

DVD 1    CARMEN (112 mins)
Based on the novella Carmen (1845) by Prosper Mérimée
This matchless ballet production shows how the explosive power and intensity of feeling in traditional Spanish flamenco can bring vividly to life the sultry passion, earthy emotion, love and rivalry that is Carmen. 

Based on the theatre play by Federico García Lorca
BODAS DE SANGRE depicts the story of a bride, who runs away with her former lover (now a married man with a child of his own) on her wedding night. The furious groom follows them, and a fight to death ensues between the two men.

              SUITE FLAMENCA 
SUITE FLAMENCA consists of seven pieces of traditional flamenco dance, presented with Antonio Gades’s own unique insight on the aesthetics of flamenco dance, initially described as avant-garde is now considered a classic.

DVD 3    FUENTEOVEJUNA (106 mins)
A ballet Antonio Gades, inspired by the theatre play by Lope de Vega
Fuenteovejuna is a signature piece of purity and precision of Spanish dance. Based on a true event Fuenteovejuna is about the people of this village in Córdoba ruled by a tyrannical commander, whose actions, violence and abuse engender their intense hatred. Until one day, encouraged by their women, the villagers choose freedom, and, armed with farming implements, they take the law into their own hands. 


Carmen: Music by Antonio Gades, Antonio Solera, Carlos Saura, Ricardo Freire Gonzáles, Georges Bizet (Carmen), Manuel Penella (El Gato Montés), José Ortega Heredia and Federico García Lorca (Verde que te quiero verde)

Bodas de Sangre: Music by Emilio de Diego, Perelló y Monreal, Felipe Campuzano

Suite Flamenca: Music by Antonio Gades, Ricardo Freire, Juan Antonio Zafra

Fuenteovejuna: Music by Antón Garcia, Modest Mussorgsky, Antonio Gades, Faustino Nuñez, Juan Antonio Zafra

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