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La Vita - Leonie Karatas plays Vítězslava Kaprálová

Leonie Karatas piano

The debut CD of the young pianist Leonie Karatas is dedicated to the solo work of the Czech composer Vitezslava Kaprálová and is the prelude to a series of further CD recordings which will be dedicated to the work of individual female composers.

Vitezslava Kaprálová captivates with her imaginative and courageous compositional style, a depth and maturity already in her early works, which do not suggest a young woman, but one who looks back on a long and experienced life and sums it up. For all her maturity, she never loses a certain twinkle in her eye, her youthful enthusiasm, a moment of lightness and confidence that transcends any suffering. It is worth dedicating not only one CD to this composer but many years of digging deeper and deeper, in the desire to be able to contemplate her cosmos of colors in all its complexit.


Kaprálová: Tri klavírní kusy - Three Piano Pieces, Op. 9; Dubnová Preludia Op. 13 – April Preludes; Písnička – Little song; Pet klavírních skladeb - Five Piano Compositions; Dva tance pro klavír - Dance for Piano Op. 23 – arrang. Giorgio Koukl; Variations sur le Carillon de l’Église St-Étienne-du-Mont, Op. 16; Sonata Appassionata Op. 6; Dvě kytičky - Two Bouquets of Flowers

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