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Bruno Monsaingeon Edition Vol. 1 - Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

Dietrich Fischer Diskau, Nicolas Wilson, Itziar Real, René Hess, Hartmut Höll, Christian Elsner, Christiane Iven, Matthias Rettner, Christoph Eschenbach, Eric Schneider, Dietrich Greve, Ulrike Seidel, Claudia Barainsky, Dietrich Henschel,

EuroArts and Idéale Audience are proud to present the ultimate collection of a lifelong work of probably the most outstanding music filmmaker who has documented life and work of the greatest artists of our time: Bruno Monsaingeon. The first edition including six DVDs/Blu-ray discs is dedicated to the sensational lifetime achievement of none other than the once-in-a-century singer Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. Besides his extraordinarily long stage career of over 50 years, Fischer-Dieskau was also a conductor, writer, painter, reciter and teacher. Due to his significant contributions and the wide distribution of his recordings, his name is now worldwide inextricably linked with the treasury of the German Lied. With the documentaries Autumn Journey and Last Words. With every edition the design and content are exceptionally conditioned and match to the personality of the artists portrayed, as well as of the director himself.

Japan Edition
Item-No.: 2073939 | UPC Code: 880242739391

DIAPASON D’OR, France (11/2013), Shortlist "Die schönster Bücher Deutschlands", Stiftung Buchkunst (06/2014)

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NTSC 16:9 & 4:3
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695 mins
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English, German, French, Japanese
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Including a comprehensive booklet with texts by Bruno Monsaingeon, biography of Fischer-Dieskau and Monsaingeon, poems of the Lieder cycles (in German) and photographic material from Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau’s private archives