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Menuhin in Hollywood

Yehudi Menuhin violin

Outstanding musician, citizen of the world, defender of tolerance - this film is to honor the memory of Yehudi Menuhin on the occasion of his 90th Birthday in 2006. The focus of the film is on previously unreleased footage from the legendary Hollywood music film, “Concert Magic” from the year 1947. In interviews and conversations with his biographer Humphrey Burton Yehudi Menuhin recalls the origin of the film, the war and post-war era in America and Germany. Special attention is paid to his commitment to the victims of World War II. These include great artists forced into American exile such as fellow musician Béla Bartók. During the Second World War Yehudi Menuhin helped to raise the spirits of war victims and refugee children with numerous concerts. He supported artists in American exile, performed for an audience of freed prisoners of the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen, and in war ravaged Berlin he played demonstratively under the baton of Wilhelm Furtwängler. Looking back at the mid-1940's it is clear to see with what passion Menuhin linked his goals of musical excellence with a dedication to social causes. He used music to plead for justice and reconciliation often against strong resistance.


Prog. No.
Music genre
52 mins
Günter Atteln
EuroArts Music International, RBB/ARTE
Production year