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Looking for Cole

Wilfried Van den Brande, Kim Criswell, Wayne Marshall
WDR Funkhaus Orchester and Brussels Philharmonic

It might be an interesting project to find out just how many movie scores of the past decades feature at least one of Cole Porter’s songs. Then again, there might just be too many to count. Either way: the world-famous American composer and lyricist has long made his way into hearts and songbooks all around the globe. The documentary Looking for Cole, which was recorded over the course of 3 years, gives you a unique insight into the artist’s most interesting life as a ‘supreme sophisticate’. Narrator Wilfried Van den Brande may well call himself an expert on Porter: He has completed a PhD on the topic, recorded the largest Porter anthology to date, and published concert recordings of 325 Porter songs online. Oh, and did we mention that he is also one of the key performers in the documentary? In Looking for Cole, Van den Brande journeys in the composer’s footsteps, discusses his work and life with numerous experts and shares the stage with musicians such as Kim Criswell, Wayne Marshall, the WDR Funkhaus Orchester and the Brussels Philharmonic.


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57 mins
Lou Demeyere & Simon Van den Brande
Lou Demeyere, Wilfried Van den Brande & Swells bvba
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