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Tango on a Visit

Does tango make one happy or lonely? This is unclear. What is clear is that it is addictive. Singles find people they can embrace. Couples reignite a flare. Tango is a spectacle when mastered, especially as the dancers are exquisitely costumed. Five young dancers dive into the sensual world of Tango, far from its Argentinian homeland – in the Black Forest. All are single. All submit to the erotic spell of the passionate and melancholic dance. All seek to be joined as one with the ideal partner, and to be admired as well as desired for their beauty, elegance and perfection. All are addicted to the kick, getting high through the embrace of strangers. “Tango on a Visit” is an affectionate and at times darkly comedic portal into a subculture that is every bit as brutal as it is beautiful. After this unusual Tango film, you know why five young people are lonely together in a highly aesthetic and touching way.


Prog. No.
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52 mins
Irene Schüller
Irene Schüller
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