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Reflections (Reflets dans un oeil d’homme)

Diable au corps (Michaël Pallandre, Caroline Le Roy, Adria Cordoncillo)
Michaël Pallandre, artistic director

Some men. Some women. No characters and lots of engagement. This profoundly intimate creation, which is inspired by the eponymous essay by Nancy Huston, Reflets dans un œil d’homme (Reflections in the Eyes of a Man), invites the spectator to share the emotions and sensations of the body in relation to the other. There is the question of desire. Of different processes of desire. Those processes that exist between men and women that many of us forget. That few are willing to admit. A text—and a performance—that questions debauchery, sensuality, pornography, massages, orgasms, love… A show—and a text—that provide the material for a series of lifts, for a burlesque situation, or for a graphic scene. The rhythm of the show allows the spectator to take an occasional breath throughout this fluctuating emotional journey marked by silence, beauty, and laughter.

The virtuosity, rigor, and technical maturity of the trio Diable au cours enhance the Franco-Canadian author’s message, which is both universal and sensitive and which always hits the target. Just like the show, which serves as a means for the audience to measure their own stories.


Prog. No.
Music genre
Ballet / Dance
68 mins
Sonia Paramo
Les Films Figures Libres and viàOccitanie
Production year