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Young Euro Classic 2023: Orchestra of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Sten Heinoja piano | Alisson Kruusmaa composer
Orchestra of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
Toomas Vavilov

Compared to Ukraine, Estonia is a very small country, but one with a large – and very vivacious – musical tradition! No wonder the Orchestra of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre presents itself at Young Euro Classic with a programme focusing on music from its homeland. Arvo Pärt's unmistakable musical style is perfectly encapsulated in his work Wenn Bach Bienen gezüchtet hätte – the upbeat to a concert ending with a far too rarely-performed symphonic grand master of Estonian heritage, Eduard Tubin. His Symphony No. 7, a highly expressive work with sweeping melodious lines, was written in 1958, when its composer was in exile in Sweden. The diverse state of contemporary music in the Baltic republic is represented by the composer Alisson Kruusmaa, whose Five Arabesques were inspired by a poem by Hermann Hesse. All this surrounds a classical “island” in the middle of the evening, for which the Estonians have chosen the sparkling Piano Concerto in D Major by Joseph Haydn.


Arvo Pärt: “Wenn Bach Bienen gezüchtet hätte“; Alisson Kruusmaa: “Five Arabesques”; Joseph Haydn: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in D-Major Op. 21 Hob. XVIII:11; Arvo Pärt: “In spe” for Wind Quintet and String Orchestra; Eduard Tubin: Symphony No. 7


Prog. No.
Music genre
Orchestral Music
80 mins
Torben Jacobsen, Nele Münchmeyer, Jörg Mohr
EuroArts Music in coproduction with ZDF/arte
Production year