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Living Bach

upcoming production:

LIVING BACH is a unique quest for J.S. Bach's universal secret. A journey across six continents to amateur musicians and singers, who have placed Bach at their “heart of matters”. All of them are planning to attend the world’s largest gathering of the Bach family that has ever taken place: The Bach Festival "We Are Family" in Leipzig in 2022. Before that LIVING BACH takes the opposite route…

We travel to Japan, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Paraguay, USA, France, the Netherlands. The focus of LIVING BACH is not on JSB himself, but on contemporary people, whose lives are inseparably interwoven with the composer's music. Every continent and place visited features a protagonist and their exciting, touching, virtuoso or simply unusual connection to Bach. People to whom Bach's music has brought joy, comfort, hope, understanding – changing their lives forever. Regardless of their culture, origins and financial circumstances, they are all united by an almost identical set of values: Empathy, spirituality and the search for knowledge. The Homo Bachiensis?! We enter the homes and souls of our protagonists.

We will be back just in time for the grand finale in Leipzig in June 2022, awaiting more than 3000 musicians from all over the world. Each one of them however has to finance the trip by themself. Leipzig is where all our protagonists will hopefully unite – but, will they all make it?

A film about people, values and culture - and J.S. Bach’s music and magic, that works around the globe.


Prog. No.
Music genre
113 mins
Lenght short
Anna Neuhaus
Production year