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Fado with Gisela

Gisela João vocals | Ricardo Parreira portuguese guitar | Nelson Aleixo classic guitar | Francisco Gaspar bass | Luís Pereira piano | Xinóbi DJ | Vasco Cabeçadas bass

Fado is so much more than a musical genre - it is an attitude to life! With her art, Gisela João puts her own icing on the cake of the unique tradition of Fado: Modern and at the same time idiosyncratic, she interprets the Portuguese musical style and breathes a special form of Weltschmerz, melancholy, and hope into it with her smoky voice and her total devotion.
Gisela João creates a concert that reflects, what she considers to be a cross-section of the history of fado - all through her musical references. With this concert, she presents the timelessness of this musical genre. "Fado is always about telling something about people's lives, whether in 1940 or 2023," she says. As a translation of everyday life, it cannot have a deadline and is constantly changing; it is a circular concept - and that is what Gisela demonstrates in this concert.
We are looking forward to songs like Maldição, Louca, Meu Amigo Está Longe, Que Deus Me Perdoe and many others, recorded in the unique architecture of the Antiga Fundição de Oeiras near Lisbon.
Gisela João opens future paths through the past, proposing a musical autobiography that begins in Portugal and can be seen throughout Europe.


Que Deus me Perdoe, Hostel da Mariquinhas, Maldição, Meu Amigo Está Longe, Canção ao Coração, Não Fico Para Dormir, Que Amor Não Me Engana, Saia da Herança, Louca, Tábuas do Palco I, II, III, Fado Para Esta Noite


Prog. No.
Music genre
World Music
51 mins
Daniel Mota
EuroArts Music, RTP, ZDF/ARTE
Production year