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Gidon Kremer is one of the most headstrong and original artists in the music business and has been hailed once by Herbert von Karajan as the world’s best violinist. His return to Johann Sebastian Bach’s Partitas was a major event. Kremer’s first…
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132 mins
★★★★ “I have to tell the whole truth. I can tell the story of angels, but that wouldn't be the true story. My story is a mix of the devil and angels with a bit of meanness. You have to have a bit of everything to progress in life.” ★★★★ (Astor…
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90 mins
In-depth portrait of one of the world’s superstars of jazz, Keith Jarrett. Pianist Keith Jarrett talks about the range of his music, the importance of improvisation, the great artists he worked with, and the ups and downs of his life. Further…
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84 mins